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 Well well !  Finally, it is in the open,  clear and publicly that many of the dating sites on the web today are a big big bluff. Hired operators pretend to be interested girls or guys to “suck” as much money as possible from innocent visitors and thus earn huge money for site owners. 


 On top of that Facebook who has become very popular as a place for free dating has a  large bunch of “censors” who freely and straitlaced,  without any good reason can completely suspend groups they consider to be “daring” – suddenly tens of  thousands members to a group or page just get a message that the group is closed or banned as they say.

On ww-dating  you will find the same features available at Facebook; Groups – open, secure private and even hidden groups – connect new contacts – find friends, send messages, create and edit your personal profile, follow all or part of the site’s activities and of course social media.

Let´s have a look at how to create a new Group.

Create a Group


The very first step is to create a new group.

Next steps is to decide if the new group should be open or the level of privacy you want the group to have .

Option Public group

 This is a public group

·         Any site member can join this group.

·         This group will be listed in the groups directory and in search results.

·         Group content and activity will be visible to any site member.


As you can see this type of group is totally open to visitors to view but not add new  content.

Option private group

 This is a private group

·         Only users who request membership and are accepted can join the group.

·         This group will be listed in the groups directory and in search results.

·         Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.

As a logged in user You have to request membership to see and add content to this type of group.
(Note: ww-dating regard this type of group as really private, but still it has to follow legal rules. We will not censor sexy pics as long as they are legal)

Option hidden group

 This is a hidden group

·         Only users who are invited can join the group.

·         This group will not be listed in the groups directory or search results.

·         Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.

This is a combination of secret and a hidden group and as you can see You have to be invited and it is not listed among available groups and content and it´s activities are only available to it´s members.


Group Invitations   

Which members of this group are allowed to invite others?


 All group members
 Group admins and mods only
 Group admins only


With this option You can restrict how your members can invite others to be members of your group.


Group Blog

1st you can Enable the option to Enable a group blog.

2nd If you Enable group blog you can choose if you want to create a new blog or use a blog you have created before.

Blog Member Options

((member options)

If you have chosen to enable the blog feature this is the place where you set the rules for the groups members.



Group photo

Upload an image to use as a profile photo for this group. The image will be shown on the main group page, and in search results.


Note: This option is only viewable valid when you have selected that the group is open, when secret only accepted members will see the group photo.


Cover or Header photo

The Cover Image will be used to customize the header of your group.



The last step is to invite other members to your group.


Add Friend(s)

1st Click on the Friends name in the member list


2nd Click on the link Add Friend

And wait for your friend to accept your request




Here´s a good feature, you can choose to send a Private or a Public Message


1st Click on the friends name from the member list you want to send a message to.

2nd Click on either Private or Public message




To change your profile, clck on the link My Profile – Edit Profile

If (Strongly recommended) You want to add a photo to your profile, click on “Upload a profile picture”


Add/ Change Social Profile

Here you can add/ change your social profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Google + and your own website URL


Account Details 

This is the place where you can add/change your Email address, Password (and check how strong your password are.)



Media Gallery

Upload  Photos, Videos, even Music or Instgram and an YouTube Iframe code


Google Map

If you want to show visitors a map to your address in your profile, add your address here


Add new photo gallery





This is a pretty good feature, easily build your own gallery of photos.


Social Media

 Last but not Least.

Social media; Whenever you want to a post on some of yours social media, just click a button and you will be there. !.



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