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We are a web developing team who has seen far too many top interesting ideas and projects sheltered because there is no money to complete the projects when all costs have been budgeted.

We want to build a system with new thinking, including our idea that backers can get double rewards, the standard gifts plus virtual coins – not only some more or less valuble gift from the project itself.

A system without strict regulations prohibiting what a project can be about as long as they are legal, true international (opportunity to submit and showcase projects from all of the world), and if a set goal is not reached that the money still will be paid out etc.

We have many opinions  and wishes which features the system should have and realize that Strt-Up is a never-ending story if we are to succeed in making the majority of our  visitors happy with what we have to offer. As the system is now it´s much too simple and needs a lot of manual efforts and only show “the top of the iceberg” what we want to do

We want Strt-Up to be open and welcome to both visitors/backers and of course project owners.
No restrictions that only projects initilazed in XXX country are welcome


And we do not want to invent a load of restrictions on what the goals of the different projects are (as many other sites do), as long as the projects are legal – Strt-Up does not want to play some kind of Internet police.

Crypto- or virtual coins as rewards

Our idea with virtual coins as rewards to backers are unique and offers many advantages on top of the “standard” gifts.
In proportion to how much each backer donated to a project, Strt-Up’s system creates virtual money with the projects name and puts it in on each backers account.


The backer can save the coins safely in the account for later use, or



trade them in Strt-Up´s integrated system with Stellar to hundreds of different virtual – or fiat currencies.


We hope, of course, that every project on Strt-Up will be successful and it is up to each project initiator to decide whether the virtual coins owned by all project backers can be traded in the company’s shares – that is, the company sells shares and receives virtual coins.

What makes Stellar –  Start-Up unique

Stellar is an open-source secure protocol for value exchange, transfer and trade money as cheap and secure as possible.  Stellar protocol is supported by a nonprofit, the Stellar Development Foundation.
Don´t compare Stellar with Bitcoin or any other digital curency, Stellar is a kind of protocol to exchange and transfer all kinfs of currencies around the world in a safe manner.
Transfer, trade, store that´s Stellar

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