2nd Submit info Project

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2nd  Submit info Project

In detail description what is needed to submit about your project

First you have to Register to the site and Login.
You will find the buttons along the top right of the screen,
and if you have registered before, just skip all this and go directly to Login

To register you only have to submit an “User name” and your E-mail address and as you can see another alternative is to use your Facebook account;


When Register is done time to Login (the button next to Register)

Submit a new project

Click on the button “SUBMIT PROJECT”

The Form Submit all details about your project open;

We assume you successfully have connected your project to Stripe:
You need to connect your PayPal, Stripe or WePay account. Please go to My Account / Funding details.”)





First a smashing, describing title about your project;


A descriptive campaign photo explaining what your project is all about;

When you adjusted the area of the image you want to display;

Don´t forget to click the Crop Image button to to accept the photo for viewing on your project page;

If you have a video that explains your project in a good and attractive way, you should definitely upload it here.
It increases your chances of achieving your goal and even exceed it.

In the dropdown field for category, choose the category that best suits your project.

It’s completely up to you if you want to give your backers one or more rewards dependent on how much money they will fund your project.
If you have one reward, you place a minimum amount for this reward and if you have multiple rewards, you set the minimum amount for each reward.
To enter multiple rewards, simply click on the “ADD REWARD” button.



To enter multiple rewards, simply click on the “ADD REWARD” button again after you completed info fot the first one.


Use the dropdown to choose what currency you want to use for your project?

Use the calender to set the date you want your project to end, we recommend 60 days.


And finally, the most important part; Edit your story

This is where you will describe your project as interesting as possible to attract your backers to bestow as much as possible.
As you can see, this editor has many features similar to word processing systems; Bold, italics, subtitle, bullets, location and last but not least, the ability to easily upload images and videos using the small “ADD MEDIA” button.

When you are ready, time to hit the PUBLISH button.


Now your project has been submitted to Start-Up and within 2-3 business days after our staff has reviewed it, it will be published on our site. If we find any uncertainties, we will contact you to correct it first.

Next step “Transfer your fundings to your Stripe account” will be when the “time is up” and it´s time for you to collect (or transfer) all the funds for your project from the “pool” to your own Stripe account.