1st-step New Project

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Setup and connect your project to your Stripe account.


First you have to Register to Strt-Up and Login.
You will find the buttons along the top right of the screen,
and if you have registered before, just skip all this and go directly to Login

To register you only have to submit an “User name” and your E-mail address and as you can see another alternative is to use your Facebook account;


When Register is done time to Login (the button next to Register)

Submit a new project

Click on the button “SUBMIT PROJECT”

The Form Submit all details about your project open;

And on the top you will see some info text:
You need to connect your PayPal, Stripe or WePay account. Please go to My Account / Funding details.”

Because the system need to be connected to your Stripe account (to be able for you to collect all the money you will get) .

Click on the button “My Account” upper right”

If you don´t have a Stripe account, it´s time to create one:

Note; It may seem like a large amount of data to submit when register to Stripe, though most fields are not mandatory *

 and at the bottom of the Stripe form;

Time to leave Stripe and connect Strt-up to your new Stripe Account.

Click on the button “Funding details”


and finally the link in green “Connect with Stripe”

Complete your Stripe credentials (User name and Password)


and that´s it, your Strt-Up account is now connected to Stripe, and the next steps will be;

  • Complete Strt-Up´s form with info about your project
    • and
  • When it´s time to close your project after “time´s up”, transfer your money from the “pool” to your Stripe account.