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A Crowdfunding site with a twist

We are a web developing team who has seen far too many top interesting ideas and projects sheltered because there is no money to complete the projects when all costs have been put inte a budget.
We wanted to build a system with new thinking, including our idea that backers can get double rewards with gifts plus virtual coins, a win-win where not only the project owner gets his money but the backers also get a good reward.
A system without strict regulations prohibiting what a project can be about as long as they are legal.
True international (opportunity to submit and showcase projects from all of the world), and if a set goal is not reached that the money still will be paid out etc.
We have many opinions and wishes which features the system should have and realize that Strt-Up is a never-ending story if we are to succeed in making the majority of our visitors happy with what we have to offer.