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Stellar | Move Money Across Borders Quickly, Reliably, And For A Fraction Of A Penny. is a decentralized, hybrid blockchain that is fully open-source.
It is infrastructure that exists to facilitate cross-asset transfers of value, including payments.
With just one integration into the Stellar Network, you will join an open, global financial network where all actors – be they people, payment networks, or banks – have equal access & economic participation.
The Stellar protocol is supported by a nonprofit, the Stellar Development Foundation.

Stellar is an open-source protocol for exchanging money.
Servers run a software implementation of the protocol, and use the Internet to connect to and communicate with other Stellar servers, forming a global value exchange network.
Each server stores a record of all “accounts” on the network.
These records are stored in a database called the “ledger”.
Servers propose changes to the ledger by proposing “transactions”, which move accounts from one state to another by spending the account’s balance or changing a property of the account.
All of the servers come to agreement on which set of transactions to apply to the current ledger through a process called “consensus”.
The consensus process happens at a regular interval, typically every 2 to 4 seconds.
This keeps each server’s copy of the ledger in sync and identical.

Real-world applications

Several nonprofits and businesses are implementing Stellar as financial infrastructure, particularly in the developing world.
In December 2016 more partnerships were announced, including in the Philippines, India and West Africa.
In the month of October 2017 Stellar and IBM created a partnership to increase the speed of global payments

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