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As Crowdfunding has matured, more crowdfunding sites has started to appear on the web.

But before Start-Up nobody has combined the possibility of multiple rewards like gifts and virtual coins where not only the initiator of a project but also its backers gets the pleasure (and even can make a profit) by supporting projects in a win-win situation.


Start-Up think that standard crowdfunding sites only more or less is a type of a discounted purchase, hopefully at a good price and Strt-Up wants to give the projects backers a better deal.

Depending on how much money a backer donate, the Strt-Up system (or rather, the initiator of the project) gives the backers virtual coins minted with the project´s name.


The value of a virtual coin is entirely dependent by the trading market, it can not be controlled by local or national banks or financial institutions.

Not so surprising that either local or national banks are especially fond of virtual coins.


You can sell or exchange your virtual coins against the hundreds of other currencies found in Strt-Up’s trading system

If the project initiator considers it a successful project, he may decide to buy / exchange your coins against shares in his company

Once an account with your own wallet is opened up for you, you can add, sell, trade and transfer any of the hundreds currencies available.

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Do not hesitate any longer, at Strt-Up crowfunding with a twist you have the chance to realize your secret idea and dream.

It costs nothing more than a couple of hours of constructive writing to describe your project.

It’s absolutely free to submit your project to Strt-Up and Strt-Up has no hidden costs.

The money given to your project is yours, apart from the 5% Strt-Up must have to cover our own costs.

Unlike most other crowfundingsites, Strt-Up does not use the “all-or-nothing” principle, we believe that the project backers still want to support the event even if a project’s goal is not fully met, like if you set your goal to $ 10,000 and ” just “get in 8 000 the money is still yours and you can still make your project a succes.

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Each and every Strt-Up project is the independent creation of someone like you.

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